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Khazad-dûm (x4)
(33) 1 3 2 4
Goblin.   Orc.  
When Revealed: Goblin Follower engages the last player.

Shadow: attacking enemy gets +1 Attack. (+2 Attack instead if attacking the last player.)

Khazad-dûm (x3)
(29) X X 2 2
Goblin.   Orc.  
X is the number of players in the game.

Shadow: attacking enemy gets +X Attack. X is the number of players in the game.

The Long Dark (x4)
(15) 2 1 1 2
Goblin.   Orc.  
Forced: After Goblin Sneak engages a player, discard the top card of the encounter deck. If it is a treachery card, Goblin Sneak engages the next player, if able.

Shadow: Add Goblin Sneak to the staging area.

The Long Dark (x1/x0)
(39) 4 3 3 5
Goblin.   Orc.  
Lost: Each player must choose and discard 1 ally he controls from play, if able.

Shadow: Trigger all 'Lost:' effects in play.

The Long Dark Nightmare (x4)
(28) 3 2 3 3
Goblin.   Orc.  
Forced: When Goblin Stalker attacks, deal it 1 additional shadow card. Forced: When Goblin Stalker is dealt a shadow card with 'PASS' printed in its text box, it gets +2 Attack until the end of the phase.