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Card Set Cycle Set Type
Scenario Encounter
Card Type Subtype Deck Type
Sphere Unique Status
Character Project Creator

Resource Threat Engagement
Hit Points
Quest Points
Trait Keyword Victory
Player Encounter Quest
Region Archetype Age
Artist Popularity Errata
Results: 2 Cards
The Grey Havens (x3)
36 1 2 2 4
Corsair. Raider.

Cunning Pirate gets +1 Attack and +1 Defense for each resource on it.

Forced: When Cunning Pirate engages you, discard an attachment you control and place resources on Cunning Pirate equal to that attachment's printed cost.

The Grey Havens (x2)
12 2 3 3 3
Corsair. Raider.

Forced: When Vicious Marauder engages you, discard a random card from your hand and place resources on it equal to that card's printed cost.

Forced: When Vicious Marauder attacks you, distribute damage among characters you control equal to the number of resources on it.