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The Redhorn Gate (x3)
(28) 3 3 1 4
Creature.   Snow.  
Allies cannot defend while Snow Warg is attacking. Forced: After a character is declared as a defender against Snow Warg, deal 1 damage to the defending character, if able.

Heirs of Númenor (x1)
(33) 2 5 2 5
Allies cannot defend against Lieutenant of Mordor.When Revealed: Resolve the 'when revealed' effect on the topmost treachery card in the encounter discard pile, if able. This effect cannot be canceled.

The Drúadan Forest (x1)
(1) 4 5 3 6
Allies cannot defend against Drû-buri-Drû. While Drû-buri-Drû is in the victory display, characters get +1 Willpower and +1 Defense. Unless Drû-buri-Drû is in the victory display, the players cannot win.

The Sands of Harad (x3)
(35) 2 4 2 4
Orc.   Uruk.  
Each ally with less Willpower than Uruk of Mordor's Threat cannot defend against Uruk of Mordor.

Shadow: Attacking enemy gets +1 Attack (+2 Attack instead if its Threat is greater than the defending character's Willpower.

The Mûmakil (x1)
Response: After a character defends an attack against the attached enemy, if the defending character has more remaining hit points than the attached enemy, add Noose of Vines and attached enemy to the victory display.

The Black Riders (x1/x1)
(45) 5 6 5 9
Immune to player card effects. The Witch-king gets -30 engagement cost while The One Ring is exhausted. Characters with 1 Willpower or less cannot defend attacks made by The Witch-king.

The Road Darkens (x1)
(40) 4 4 3 6
Orc.   Uruk.  
Cannot have attachmnets. Allies cannot defend against Orc-chieftain. Forced: At the beginning of the encounter phase, Orc-chieftain engages the first player.

The Road Darkens (x2/x1)
(36) 3 5 2 3
Orc.   Uruk-hai  
Cannot have attachments. Allies with fewer printed hit points than Uruk-hai Captain cannot defend against Uruk-hai Captain.

Shadow: Attacking enemy makes an additional attack after this one.

Flies and Spiders Nightmare (x5)
(25) 3 4 2 5
Creature.   Spider.  
Venom. Forced: After a character is declared as a defender against Venomous Spider, give it 1 poison.

Shadow: Give 2 poison to the defending character.