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The City of Corsairs (x1)
1A-B (15)

Setup: Shuffle the Coast of Umbar, Corsair Raiders, Stormy Weather, Umbar Fleet, and Voyage Across Belegaer encounter sets into one encounter deck and make it the active encounter deck. Set The City of Corsairs encounter set aside, as an inactive second encounter deck. Prepare the Corsair deck. Players prepare their fleet. Add the Stormcaller to the staging area. Add 1 copy of Southern Belfalas to the staging area (2 instead if there are 3 or 4 players in the game). Shuffle the encounter deck.

Sailing. Progress cannot be placed on The Coast of Umbar if the players are off-course. If the Stormcaller is destroyed (or if this stage has 15 or more progress on it), advance to stage 2.

The City of Corsairs (x1)
2A-B (-)

When Revealed: Each player assigns damage among non-Ship characters he controls equal to the total damage on each Ship objective he controls. Discard all Ship enemies, Ship objective and Ocean locations in play.

When Revealed: Shuffle the Corsair deck and Corsair discard pile into the second encounter deck. Search the encounter deck and discard piule for each copy of Battle-hardened and each copy of Watch Tower, shuffle them into the second encounter deck. Set the current encounter deck and discard pil aside, inactive. The second encounter deck becomes the active encounter deck. Advance to stage 3.

The City of Corsairs (x1)
(20) 2 6 6 18
Corsair.   Ship.  
Boarding 1. Cannot have attachments. Forced: At the end of the round, if the Stormcaller is engaged with a player, either return it to the staging area or shift your heading off-course.

The City of Corsairs (x2)
(32) 3 7 5 5
Corsair.   Ship.  
Boarding 1. Cannot have attachments. For each point of damage dealt to a Ship objective by Slave Ship's attack, deal 1 point of damage to a non-Ship character controlled by the defending player, as well.

The City of Corsairs (x3/x1)
(28) 2 2 3 5
Corsair.   Raider.  
Corsair Slaver gets +1 Attack and +1 Threat for each resource on it. Forced: After the engaged player spends any number of resources, place 1 of those resources on Umbar Slaver.

The City of Corsairs (x2)
3 (5)
Ocean.   Coastland.  
Travel: One player must reveal the top card of the Corsair deck and engage it to travel here.

Shadow: If this attack destroys a character, discard an ally controlled by the defending player.

The City of Corsairs (x2/x1)
4 (3)
Ocean.   Coastland.  
While Corsair Waters is the active location, no more than 1 ally can enter play each round.

Shadow: Either shift your heading off-course, or treat this attack as undefended.

The City of Corsairs (x2/x1)
2 (3)
Umbar.   Coastland.  
While Watch Tower is in the staging area, it gains: "Forced: When a Raider enemy enters play, add 1 resource to it."

Shadow: If this attack destroys an ally, add resources to a Raider enemy in play equal to that character's printed resource cost.

The City of Corsairs (x2)

When Revealed: Deal 1 shadow card to each Ship enemy in play. Then, if you are off-course (Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy), each Ship enemy in play gets -10 enagement cost until the end of the round.