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The Sands of Harad (x1)

Surge. Each player cannot have more than 5 cards in his hand. (If you have more than 5, immediately choose and discard cards from hand until you have only 5.) Response: When this stage is defeated, each player draws a card.

The Sands of Harad (x3/x2)

When Revealed: Each player must choose: either raise your threat by 1 for each character you control, or discard a character you control.

Shadow: Attacking enemy gets +1 Attack. If this attack destroys a character, raise each player's threat by 1.

The Sands of Harad (x2/x1)

When Revealed: Each player exhausts a character he controls. Until the end of the combat phase, exhausted characters cannot ready.

Shadow: Until the end of the round, defending character cannot ready.