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The Black Riders (x3/x1)
Surge. When Revealed: Attach to a Nazgûl enemy in play, if able. (Counts as a Mount attachment with the text: "Limit 1 per enemy. Attached enemy gets -10 engagement cost and gains: 'Forced: At the end of the refresh phase, return attached enemy to the staging area.'")

The Black Riders (x2/x2)

When Revealed: Return each engaged Nazgûl enemy to the staging area. If no enemies were returned to the staging area by this effect, Rode Like a Gale gains surge.

Shadow: Return attacking enemy to the staging area after this attack.

The Black Riders (x1)
Artifact.   Item.   Ring.  
Setup: The first player claims The One Ring and attaches it to the Ring-bearer. Attached hero does not count against the hero limit. The first player gains control of attached hero. If The One Ring leaves play, the players lose the game.