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Card Set Scenario Encounter
Card Type Subtype Deck Type
Sphere Unique
Set Type Project

Resource Threat Engagement
Hit Points
Quest Points
Trait Keyword Victory
Player Encounter Quest
Region Archetype Age
Artist Popularity Errata
Results: 3 Cards

The Three Trials (x1)
4 (6)
Barrow.   Forest.   Hills.  

Forced: When a Guardian enemy attacks, deal it 1 additional shadow card.

They heard of the Great Barrows, and the green mounds, and the stone–rings upon the hills and in the hollows among the hills. –The Fellowship of the Ring

The Three Trials (x1)
3 (8)
Barrow.   Forest.   Hills.  

The players, as a group, cannot have more than 5 allies in play. (If there are more than 5 allies in play, discard allies until only 5 remain.)

Raising himself on one arm he looked, and saw now in the pale light that they were in a kind of passage which behind them turned a corner. –The Fellowship of the Ring

The Three Trials (x1)
2 (10)
Barrow.   Forest.   Hills.  

Forced: After a Guardian enemy attacks, raise each player's threat by X, where X is that enemy's .

Stone rings grinned out of the ground like broken teeth in the moonlight. –The Fellowship of the Ring