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The Black Riders (x3)
[2] 1 0 1 3 3โ˜… 6 [125144]
If each hero you control has the Hobbit trait, damage from undefended attacks against you may be assigned to Barliman Butterbur.

The Black Riders (x1/x1)
2 (4)
Response: After players travel here, the first player puts 1 ally into play from his hand. Forced: After The Prancing Pony leaves play, discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until X enemies have been discarded. X is the number of players in the game. Put each enemy discarded by this effect into play engaged with the first player.

The Black Riders (x1/x1)
(38) 3 1 3 5
Bree.   Spy.  
Players cannot optionally engage Bill Ferny. Forced: At the beginning of the staging step, either shuffle 1 out of play Ringwraith into the encounter deck or each player raises their threat by 1 for each non-Fellowship hero he committed to the quest.

The Black Riders (x4/x4)
(28) 2 3 1 4
Bree.   Spy.  
While The One Ring is exhausted, Shady Bree-lander gains: "Cannot be optionally engaged."

Shadow: Defending character get -1 Defense (-2 Defense instead if The One Ring is exhausted).

Murder at the Prancing Pony (x4)
2 (3)
Investigate 2. When a player card effect reduces a player's threat by any amount, reduce that amount to 1. Travel: Raise each player's threat by 1 to travel here.

Murder at the Prancing Pony (x3)
4 (3)
Investigate 3. Enemies in the staging area cannot take damage. Travel: Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and discard cards until an enemy is discarded. Add the discarded enemy to the staging area.

Murder at the Prancing Pony (x3)
2 (4)
Investigate 2. Forced: After a player places any amount of progress on a location in the staging area, he raises his threat by 1. Travel: Each player spends 1 resource to travel here.

Murder at the Prancing Pony (x3)
3 (4)
Investigate 1. Forced: When triggering the Investigate keyword on Old Warehouse, the first player must choose: either look at 2 additional card, or reduce each player's threat by 3. Travel: Reveal the top card of the encounter deck to travel here.

Murder at the Prancing Pony (x2)
3 (3)
Investigate 1. Response: After triggering the Investigate keyword on Village Stable, if the looked at card is a Suspect or a Hideout, add Village Stable to the victory display to add that card to the staging area. Travel: Each player discards 1 random card from his hand to travel here.

Murder at the Prancing Pony (x1)
(42) 3 2 3 5
Cannot be optionally engaged. The first treachery revealed each round gains doomed 1 and its effects cannot be canceled.

Shadow: Either raise your threat by 4, or this attack is considered undefended.

Murder at the Prancing Pony (x2)
(30) 3 2 1 3
Response: After Bree-land Information makes an attack against you, if it was dealt a shadow card with no shadow effect, raise your threat by 1 and spend 1 resource to look at the bottom card of the Investigation deck. Then, discard Bree-land Informant.

The Weather Hills Nightmare (x3)
0 0 1 2
Forced: After Captive Villager enters play, reveal the top card of the Orc deck and attach it to Captie Villager, guarding it. While Captive Villager is free of encounters, the first player gains control of it and is considered to have +5 threat while making engagement checks.