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Khazad-dûm (x1)
3 (3)
Underground.   Bridge.  
While Bridge of Khazad-dûm is the active location, players cannot play cards.

The Morgul Vale (x1)
X (X)
X is the number of progress tokens on To the Tower.

The Black Riders (x1/x1)
X (4)
Bridge.   River.  
Immune to player card effects. X is the number of players in the game. Travel: The first player must reveal the top card of the burden deck and resolve that card as if it were just revealed from the encounter deck to travel here.

The Road Darkens (x1)
5 (5)
Underground.   Bridge.  
Immune to player card effects. Response: When The Great Bridge is explored, discard a hero from play to deal X damage to The Balrog. X is that hero's threat cost. Then, The Balrog loses all keywords for the remainder of the game. Any player may trigger this response.