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The Drowned Ruins (x1)
5 (18)
Ruins.   Underground.   Grotto.  
Shrine to Morgoth cannot have attachments and cannot enter the staging area. Forced: At the beginning of the quest phase, flip Shrine to Morgoth to its Underwater side, without removing its progress tokens. When Shrine to Morgoth is placed in the victory display, the players have escaped from the flooded grotto and win the game.

The Drowned Ruins (x3)
2 (3)
Underground.   Grotto.  
While Undersea Grotto is the active location, reduce the cost of the first ally played by the players each round by 1. Response: After you travel to Undersea Grotto, you may flip it to its Underwater side.

The Drowned Ruins (x3)
3 (5)
Underground.   Grotto.  
Response: After you travel to Cursed Caverns, you may flip it to its Underwater side. Response: After the players explore Cursed Caverns as the active location, each player may raise his threat by 2 to draw the bottom card of his deck.

The Drowned Ruins (x2)
2 (4)
Ruins.   Underground.   Grotto.  
While Water-logged Halls is the active location, each Undead enemy in play gets -1 Threat. Response: After you travel to Water-logged Halls, you may flip it to its Underwater side.