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First Age

First Age FA01 13 June 2014
Card List
Finrod Felagund(Hero)1 Fingon(Hero)1 LĂșthien(Hero)1 EĂ€rendil(Hero)1 Haleth(Hero)1 FĂ«anor(Hero)1 Thingol(Hero)1 TĂșrin Turambar(Hero)1 Fingolfin(Hero)1 HĂșrin(Hero)1 Ecthelion(Hero)1 CĂ­rdan(Hero)1 Turgon(Hero)1 Idril Celebrindal(Hero)1 Melian(Ally)3 Eöl(Ally)3 Celegorm(Ally)3 Maglor(Ally)3 Caranthir(Ally)3 Maeglin(Ally)3 Maedhros(Ally)3 Mablung(Ally)3 Orodreth(Ally)3 Chieftain of Men(Ally)3 Thorondor(Ally)3 Gondolin Guard(Ally)3 Huan(Ally)3 Aredhel(Ally)3 Dwarf of the Blue Mountains(Ally)3 Telchar the Smith(Ally)3 Green-elf Ranger(Ally)3 Daeron(Ally)3 Elwing(Ally)3 Huor(Ally)3 BĂ«or(Ally)3 Hador(Ally)3 Barahir(Ally)3 Morwen(Ally)3 Tuor(Ally)3 Finduilas(Ally)3 AzaghĂąl(Ally)3 Curufin(Ally)3 High Kingship of the Noldor(Attachment)3 Elf-friend(Attachment)3 Shadowy Cloak(Attachment)3 Vingilot(Attachment)3 Harp of Fingon(Attachment)3 Oath of Friendship(Attachment)3 Oath of Vengeance(Attachment)3 Oath of FĂ«anor(Attachment)3 Oath of Silence(Attachment)3 Haudh-en-Ndengin(Attachment)3 Hidden House(Attachment)3 Solitary Outlaw(Attachment)3 NauglamĂ­r(Attachment)3 Ard-galen Horse(Attachment)3 Galvorn Armor(Attachment)3 Poisoned Javelin(Attachment)3 Ring of Barahir(Attachment)3 Ringil(Attachment)3 Rochallor(Attachment)3 Blue Shield(Attachment)3 Dragon-helm(Attachment)3 Gurthang(Attachment)3 Mormegil(Attachment)3 Nimphelos(Attachment)3 Strength of Men(Event)3 Erchamion(Event)3 The Day Has Come!(Event)3 Song of LĂșthien(Event)3 Song of Staying(Event)3 Arts of Felagund(Event)3 Passed in Peace(Event)3 Leaguer(Event)3 Madness of Rage(Event)3 Hour of Need(Event)3 A Great Doom(Event)3 Fire of Life(Event)3 Defied and Mocked(Event)3 Dreadful Death(Event)3 Dark Heart of the Smith(Event)3 Undismayed(Event)3 Feast of Reuniting(Event)3 Banners and Horns(Event)3 No Better Hope(Event)3 Hold to the Oath(Event)3 Beren(Hero)3 ManwĂ«'s Pity(Event)3 Secrets of Craft(Event)3 Dreams from Ulmo(Event)3 Friendship of Ulmo(Event)3 Strengthen the Watch(Event)3 Secret Toil(Event)3 ...And Yet A Warning(Event)3 Song of Gladness(Event)3 Flame Light! Flee Night!(Event)3 Open Battle(Event)3 Day Shall Come Again(Event)3 Dark Elf(Event)0 Haladin Woodsman(Ally)0 AranrĂșth(Attachment)0
Player Cards266
Song of Wizardry(Treachery)2 Weight of Horror(Treachery)2 Lord of Werewolves(Treachery)2 Master of Shadows(Treachery)2 No Living Creature(Treachery)2 Foul Vapour(Treachery)2 Deep Pit(Location)2 Gates of Tol-in-Gaurhoth(Location)2 Walls of Stone(Location)3 High Tower(Location)1 Dark Hills(Location)2 Vacant Pit(Location)2 Bridge to the Isle(Location)1 Eyes in the Dark(Objective)1 Finrod Felagund(Objective-Ally)1 Draugluin(Enemy)1 Wolf-Sauron(Enemy)1 Ravenous Werewolf(Enemy)4 Thuringwethil(Enemy)1 Monstrous Bat(Enemy)2 Guard Wolf(Enemy)3 Hunting Wolf(Enemy)4 Crazed Thrall(Enemy)3 Devouring Werewolf(Enemy)1 Silmaril(Objective)1 Angband Sword(Objective)1 Dreadful Garments(Objective)1 Element of Surprise(Objective)1 Morgoth(Enemy)1 Carcharoth(Enemy)1 Balrog of Angband(Enemy)2 Long-worm(Enemy)2 Fire-drake(Enemy)2 Gothmog(Enemy)1 Troll of Angband(Enemy)3 Orc Captain(Enemy)2 Angband Orc(Enemy)3 Pits of Angband(Location)1 Thrall Quarters(Location)1 Tunnels of Shadow(Location)1 Labyrinthine Stairs(Location)3 Torturer's Dungeon(Location)1 Echoing Corridor(Location)2 Subterranean Furnace(Location)2 Trackless Cavern(Location)2 Orc Armory(Location)2 Nethermost Hall(Location)1 Devouring Spirit(Treachery)2 Clumsy Step(Treachery)3 Foolish Ruckus(Treachery)3 Filth and Desolation(Treachery)2 Heroic Diversion(Treachery)3 Evil Lust(Treachery)2 Beleg Strongbow(Objective)1 Carcharoth the Red Maw(Enemy)3 Carcharoth the Wolf of Angband(Enemy)3 Carcharoth the Devouring Spirit(Enemy)3 Carcharoth the Tormented(Enemy)1 Taur-nu-Fuin(Location)2 Pass of Anach(Location)1 Dimbar Field(Location)2 Brethil Dwelling(Location)3 Eaves of Region(Location)3 Banks of the Esgalduin(Location)2 Neldoreth Settlement(Location)3 Iant Iaur(Location)1 Gates of Menegroth(Location)1 Dark Valley(Location)2 Evil Days(Treachery)3 Stood Now in Wrath(Treachery)2 Fled in Fear(Treachery)3 A Doom Fulfilled(Treachery)3 Flame of Anguish(Treachery)3 Espied from Afar(Treachery)2 Devil's Cunning(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards149
Hunting of the Wolf(Scenario)1 The Isle of Werewolves(Scenario)1 The Seat of Morgoth(Scenario)1 Upon the Bridge(Quest)1 The Pits of Sauron(Quest)1 Tol-in-Gaurhoth(Quest)1 Doors of Angband(Quest)1 Descent into Darkness(Quest)1 The Greatest Deed(Quest)1 To See the Light(Quest)1 Ride Forth in the Morning(Quest)1 At Last Upon the Wolf(Quest)1 Ruin Upon the World(Quest)1
Quest Cards13
Hunting of the Wolf The Isle of Werewolves The Seat of Morgoth