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The Aldburg Plot

A Long-extended Party ALEP02 28 June 2021
Card List
Fatty Bolger(Hero)1 Widfast(Hero)1 Lily Cotton(Ally)3 A Lesson in Caution(Event)3 There and Back Again(Event)3 Buckland Shirriff(Ally)3 Weep No More!(Event)3 Fear! Fire! Foes!(Event)3 Horn-call of Buckland(Attachment)3 Young Tom(Ally)3 Gavin(Ally)3
Player Cards29
Red Harvest(Encounter Side Quest)1 The Prisoner in White(Encounter Side Quest)1 The Man with the Twisted Lip(Encounter Side Quest)1 A Fire Rises(Encounter Side Quest)1 A Case of Identity(Encounter Side Quest)1 Whisperer in the Darkness(Encounter Side Quest)1 Spreading Inferno(Objective)1 The Whisperer(Enemy)1 The Spy Master(Enemy)1 Ossian(Enemy)1 Garrison Barracks(Location)1 The Horse's Tail(Location)1 The Armoury(Location)1 Great Mead Hall(Location)1 Town Guard(Enemy)3 Dunlending Agents(Enemy)3 Aldburg Malcontent(Enemy)2 Misty Street(Location)2 Well-lit Hall(Location)2 Decrepit Hovel(Location)3 Taken by the Night(Treachery)2 False Lead(Treachery)3 Sudden Ambush(Treachery)1
Encounter Cards35
Evil Under the Moon(Quest)1 Gathering Clues(Quest)1 The Uncertain Dawn(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Aldburg Plot
Rules Sheet