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The City of Ulfast

Adventure Pack MEC79 09 January 2020
Card List
Lothíriel(Hero)1 Angbor the Fearless(Ally)3 Need Drives Them(Event)3 Woodland Sentry(Ally)3 Keen Longbow(Attachment)3 War Axe(Attachment)3 Strength and Courage(Attachment)3 Knight of Belfalas(Ally)3 Horn of the Mark(Attachment)3 Host of Galadhrim(Event)3 Forth, The Three Hunters!(Contract)1
Player Cards29
City Guard(Enemy)1 Ulfast Sentry(Enemy)3 The King's Elite(Enemy)2 Ulchor's Agent(Enemy)2 The King's Lawn(Location)2 Guarded Archway(Location)3 Crowded Market(Location)2 Streets of Ulfast(Location)3 Extra Vigil(Treachery)2 We've Been Seen(Treachery)3 Patrolling the Streets(Treachery)3 Cat and Mouse(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards27
Searching for Ulchor(Quest)1 Trying to Blend In(Quest)1 Drawing Attention(Quest)1 Ulchor's Trap(Quest)1
Quest Cards4
The City of Ulfast
Rules Sheet