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The Drowned Ruins

Adventure Pack MEC51 01 September 2016
Card List
Argalad(Hero)1 Dwarven Sellsword(Ally)3 DĂșnedain Remedy(Attachment)3 Marksman of LĂłrien(Ally)3 Battle-fury(Event)3 Woodland Courier(Ally)3 Hithlain(Attachment)3 Robin Smallburrow(Ally)3 Interrogation(Event)3 Strider(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Shrine to Morgoth(Location)1 Shrine to Morgoth(Location)1 Sea-scorpion(Enemy)3 Cave Eel(Enemy)3 Undersea Grotto(Location)3 Cursed Caverns(Location)3 Watter-logged Halls(Location)2 Dark Abyss(Location)3 Twisting Hollow(Location)3 Sunken Temple(Location)2 Drowned Cave(Location)2 Powerful Undertow(Treachery)3 Into the Abyss(Treachery)3 Tangling and Grasping(Treachery)4 Ancient Depths(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards39
The Grotto(Quest)1 SahĂ­r's Betrayal(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Drowned Ruins
Rules Sheet