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The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

Adventure Pack MEC60 01 January 2018
Card List
Folco Boffin(Hero)1 Knight of Dale(Ally)3 Diligent Noble(Attachment)3 Riddermark Knight(Ally)3 Fierce Defense(Event)3 Eregion Survivor(Ally)3 Heirs of EƤrendil(Event)3 Leaflock(Ally)3 Legacy Blade(Attachment)3 Open the Armory(Event)3
Player Cards28
The Captives of Cirith Gurat(Objective)1 Abaan(Objective-Ally)1 Jailer of Cirith Gurat(Enemy)2 Prison Guard(Enemy)3 Dungeon Warg(Enemy)3 Gate of Iron(Location)3 Dungeon Cell(Location)3 Uruk Guardroom(Location)2 Mines of Cirith Gurat(Location)3 Torture Room(Location)2 Taken Prisoner(Treachery)2 Tormented by Orcs(Treachery)3 Captured!(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards29
Rescue the Prisoners(Quest)1 Sneak Past the Guards(Quest)1 Fight Your Way Out(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat
Rules Sheet