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The Fall of Nargothrond

First Age FA05 30 March 2018
Card List
Finarfin(Hero)1 Guard of the DrĂședain(Ally)3 Shieldmaiden of Haleth(Ally)3 Noldor Oathkeeper(Ally)3 Amon Ethir Sentry(Ally)3 AndvĂ­r(Ally)3 Gilded Mask(Attachment)3 Hidden Way(Attachment)3 Seal of the Queen(Attachment)3 Unnumbered Tears(Event)3 Friend of Birds and Beasts(Event)3 Kingly Judgement(Event)3 Silmaril of the Sky(Attachment)3 Favor of Indis(Attachment)3
Player Cards40
Glaurung(Enemy)1 Great Host(Enemy)4 Mighty Bridge(Location)1 Field of Tumhalad(Location)4 The Ruin of Nargothrond(Objective)1 Deep River(Location)1 The Hopes of Nargothrond(Objective)1 Retreating Soldiers(Location)2 Unmanned Ballista(Location)2 Leaderless Archers(Location)3 Besieged Defenses(Location)3 Not All Can Fight(Treachery)2 Your Shadow Lies Upon Them(Treachery)2 The Hate of Morgoth(Treachery)3 Driven Back(Treachery)4 Mustered Strength(Treachery)3 Dreadful Spell(Treachery)1 Full Fire(Treachery)1 Fell Voice(Treachery)2 Coiling Swiftly(Treachery)2 Maiden of Nargothrond(Objective-Ally)7 Finduilas(Objective-Ally)1 Dark Doom(Treachery)1 Fateful Words(Treachery)1 Doom Mastered(Objective)1 A Grave Wound(Encounter Side Quest)1 Child of Nargothrond(Objective-Ally)2
Encounter Cards57
The Fall of Nargothrond(Scenario)1 Only In Secrecy Lies Hope(Quest)1 Arms Are The Only Wall(Quest)1 The Doors of Felagund(Quest)1 The Sack of Nargothrond(Quest)1 The Fall of Nargothrond(Campaign)1
Quest Cards6
The Fall of Nargothrond