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The Mûmakil

Adventure Pack MEC56 01 February 2017
Card List
Kahliel(Hero)1 Andrath Guardsman(Ally)3 Prepare for Battle(Player Side Quest)3 Yazan(Ally)3 Wait no Longer(Event)3 Jubayr(Ally)3 Dwarf Pipe(Attachment)3 Firyal(Ally)3 Coney in a Trap(Event)3 Kahliel's Headdress(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Horse-hair Lasso(Objective)1 Poisoned Spear(Objective)1 Pit Trap(Objective)1 Noose of Vines(Objective)1 Wild M没mak(Enemy)4 Harad Tiger(Enemy)1 Territorial Ape(Enemy)4 Strangling Python(Enemy)2 Giant Centipede(Enemy)2 M没mak Trail(Location)4 Stampeding Oliphaunt(Treachery)2 The Savage South(Treachery)2 Terrible Fever(Treachery)2 Biting Insects(Treachery)2 Guardians of the Jungle(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards30
Welcome to the Jungle(Quest)1 Capture the Oliphaunts(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Mûmakil
Rules Sheet