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The Siege of Erebor

A Long-extended Party ALEP10 06 September 2023
Card List
Brand son of Bain(Hero)1 Brand son of Bain(Hero)1 D谩in Ironfoot(Hero)1
Player Cards3
Hold the North(Objective)1 Eastern Assault(Objective)1 Iron Hills Reinforcements(Objective)2 Gate of Erebor(Objective)1 Dale Besieger(Enemy)1 Erebor Besieger(Enemy)1 Rh没n Vanguard(Enemy)4 Wainriders(Enemy)4 Rh没n Rearguard(Enemy)4 Balchoth Avenger(Enemy)3 Easterling Archer(Enemy)3 Esgaroth(Location)1 Ravenhill(Location)1 City Walls(Location)3 Easterling Supply Camp(Location)3 The River Running(Location)3 Eaves of Mirkwood(Location)2 The Desolation of Smaug(Location)2 City Gates(Location)2 City Streets(Location)2 Treasure Hoard(Location)1 Lonely Mountain Armoury(Location)1 Flanked!(Treachery)3 The North Burns(Treachery)2 Driven by the Eye(Treachery)2 Fight or Flight(Treachery)2 Focused Onslaught(Treachery)2 News from the South(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards59
The Siege of Erebor(Quest)1 The Eastern Defenses(Quest)1 The Riverlands(Quest)1 Dale(Quest)1 Erebor(Quest)1
Quest Cards5
The Siege of Erebor
Rules Sheet