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The Steward's Fear

Adventure Pack MEC18 09 May 2013
Card List
Hirluin the Fair(Hero)1 Warrior of Lossarnach(Ally)3 Gaining Strength(Event)3 Knights of the Swan(Ally)3 Gondorian Shield(Attachment)3 Ethir Swordsman(Ally)3 Ring of Barahir(Attachment)3 Anfalas Herdsman(Ally)3 Mithrandir's Advice(Event)3 A Good Harvest(Event)3
Player Cards28
Underworld Dissident(Enemy)5 Daughter of BerĂșthiel(Enemy)1 The Hand of Castamir(Enemy)1 Telemnar's Bane(Enemy)1 Sewers(Location)3 Roots of Mindolluin(Location)1 Storehouse(Location)2 Houses of the Dead(Location)1 The Fourth Star(Location)1 Unwelcome Discovery(Treachery)2 A Knife in the Back(Treachery)3 False Lead(Treachery)2 A Scrap of History(Objective)1 Secret Map(Objective)1 A Prisoner(Objective)1 Unholy Alliance(Objective)1 Up in Flames(Objective)1 Poisoned Counsels(Objective)1
Encounter Cards29
Conspiracy(Quest)1 The Grand Design(Quest)1 The Confrontation(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Steward's Fear
Rules Sheet