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The Voice of Isengard

Deluxe Expansion MEC25 21 February 2014
Card List
Éomer(Hero)1 Gríma(Hero)1 Saruman(Ally)3 Orthanc Guard(Ally)3 Isengard Messenger(Ally)3 Westfold Outrider(Ally)3 Westfold Horse-breeder(Ally)3 Rohan Warhorse(Attachment)3 Silver Lamp(Attachment)3 Keys of Orthanc(Attachment)3 Legacy of Númenor(Event)3 Deep Knowledge(Event)3 The Wizards's Voice(Event)3 Power of Orthanc(Event)3 The Seeing-stone(Event)3
Player Cards41
Gríma(Objective-Ally)1 The Islet(Location)1 Fords of Isen(Location)3 The King's Road(Location)2 Gap of Rohan(Location)4 Pillaging and Burning(Treachery)2 Down from the Hills(Treachery)1 Ill Tidings(Treachery)2 Mugash(Enemy)1 Mugash's Guard(Enemy)3 Methedras Orc(Enemy)3 Methedras(Location)4 Orc Cave(Location)3 Mugash's Lair(Location)2 Orc Territory(Treachery)2 Mugash(Objective)1 Edge of Fangorn(Location)1 Dark-Hearted Huorn(Enemy)4 Angry Huorn(Enemy)3 Deadly Huorn(Enemy)3 Heart of Fangorn(Location)3 The Forest's Malice(Treachery)4 Orc Skirmisher(Enemy)3 Orc Hunter(Enemy)3 Orc Hound(Enemy)2 Orc Hunting Party(Treachery)2 Dunland Prowler(Enemy)3 Dunlending Bandit(Enemy)2 Dunland Raider(Enemy)2 Old Hatreds(Treachery)2 Dunland Tribesman(Enemy)2 Dunland Chieftain(Enemy)2 Dunland Berserker(Enemy)3 Wild Men of Dunland(Treachery)2 Ancient Forest(Location)3 Tangled Woods(Location)3 Turned Around(Treachery)3 Prowling Wolf(Enemy)3 Broken Lands(Location)3 Take Cover!(Treachery)3 Low on Provisions(Treachery)3 Off Track(Treachery)2 In Need of Rest(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards106
Fight at the Fords(Quest)1 Dunlending Attack(Quest)1 Hold the Fords(Quest)1 Orders from Orthanc(Quest)1 Searching for Mugash(Quest)1 The Wizard's Prize(Quest)1 Into the Woods(Quest)1 Escape from Fangorn(Quest)1 The Angry Forest(Quest)1
Quest Cards9
The Fords of Isen To Catch an Orc Into Fangorn
Rules Sheet