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The Withered Heath

Adventure Pack MEC66 01 July 2018
Card List
Grimbeorn the Old(Hero)1 Guardian of Esgaroth(Ally)3 Squire's Helm(Attachment)3 Woodmen's Clearing(Attachment)3 The Hidden Way(Event)3 Beorning Skin-changer(Ally)3 Beorn's Rage(Event)3 Long Lake Fisherman(Ally)3 Grey Cloak(Attachment)3 The Arkenstone(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Cold-Drake(Enemy)1 Dragon Sign(Objective)4 Snow-troll(Enemy)2 Dragon Hatchling(Enemy)3 Mountain Pass(Location)3 Dwarven Door(Location)3 Cave Entrance(Location)3 Creature Den(Location)2 High Falls(Location)2 Heavy Snow(Treachery)2 Deadly Cold(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards28
Searching for Dragon Sign(Quest)1 The Cold-Drake Attacks!(Quest)1 Hunting the Beast(Quest)1 A Cornered Dragon(Quest)1
Quest Cards4
The Withered Heath
Rules Sheet