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Two-Player Limited Edition Starter

Two-Player Limited Edition Stater MEC73 28 August 2018
Card List
Aragorn(Hero)1 Gildor Inglorion(Hero)1 Nori(Hero)1 Gandalf(Ally)2 Galadriel(Ally)2 Gimli(Ally)1 Faramir(Ally)1 Arwen Und贸miel(Ally)1 Orophin(Ally)1 Bofur(Ally)1 Fili(Ally)1 Kili(Ally)1 Silverlode Archer(Ally)2 Defender of the Naith(Ally)2 Andrath Guardsman(Ally)2 Woodland Courier(Ally)2 Naith Guide(Ally)2 Blue Mountain Trader(Ally)2 Dwarven Sellsword(Ally)2 Celebr铆an's Stone(Attachment)2 Steward of Gondor(Attachment)2 Light of Valinor(Attachment)1 Unexpected Courage(Attachment)2 Ancient Mathom(Attachment)2 Cram(Attachment)2 Grim Resolve(Event)1 Sneak Attack(Event)2 A Test of Will(Event)2 Ever Vigilant(Event)2 Hasty Stroke(Event)2 Desperate Defense(Event)2 Dwarven Tomb(Event)1 Feigned Voices(Event)2 Glorfindel(Hero)1 Bifur(Hero)1 Thorin Stonehelm(Hero)1 Gandalf(Ally)2 Legolas(Ally)1 Haldir of L贸rien(Ally)1 Elrond(Ally)2 Azain Silverbeard(Ally)1 Mablung(Ally)1 Henamarth Riversong(Ally)1 Ioreth(Ally)1 Sarn Ford Sentry(Ally)2 Erebor Hammersmith(Ally)2 Galadhon Archer(Ally)2 Galadhrim Minstrel(Ally)2 Defender of Rammas(Ally)2 D煤nedain Lookout(Ally)2 Envoy of Pelargir(Ally)2 Horn of Gondor(Attachment)2 Elf-stone(Attachment)2 Dwarrowdelf Axe(Attachment)2 Blade of Gondolin(Attachment)2 Lembas(Attachment)2 The Long Defeat(Attachment)1 Gildor's Counsel(Event)1 Feint(Event)2 Secret Paths(Event)2 Quick Strike(Event)2 Ancestral Knowledge(Event)2 Khaz芒d! Khaz芒d!(Event)2 Daeron's Runes(Event)2 Pursuing the Enemy(Event)2
Player Cards106
Spiders of Mirkwood(Enemy)2 Great Spider(Enemy)2 The Eaves of Mirkwood(Location)2 Tangled Grove(Location)2 Forest Gate(Location)2 Spider Den(Location)2 Goblin Trail(Location)2 Driven by Shadow(Treachery)2 Surprising Speed(Treachery)2 Caught in a Web(Treachery)1 Goblin Troop(Enemy)1 Goblin Sniper(Enemy)2 Goblin Runners(Enemy)2 Goblintown Scavengers(Enemy)2 Goblins are Upon You!(Treachery)1 Eyes in the Dark(Treachery)2 Goblin Chieftain(Enemy)1 Cracked Pillar(Location)1 Cave Torch(Objective)1 Great Cave-troll(Enemy)2 Cavern Warg(Enemy)2 Goblin Tunnels(Location)2 Lightless Passage(Location)2 Branching Paths(Location)2 Collapsed Mine(Location)2 Goblin Dungeon(Location)2 Crumbling Ruin(Treachery)2 Lost in the Dark(Treachery)2 Watchful Eyes(Treachery)1
Encounter Cards51
After the Raid(Quest)1 Mirkwood Forest(Quest)1 The Rearguard(Quest)1 The Dark of Nibin-D没m(Quest)1 Surprise Attack(Quest)1 The Chasm(Quest)1 Oathkeepers(Quest)1
Quest Cards7
The Oath The Caves of Nibin-Dûm