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Celebrimbor's Secret

Adventure Pack MEC30 13 November 2014
Card List
Galadriel(Hero)x1 Heir of Mardil(Attachment)x3 Orophin(Ally)x3 Henneth Annûn Guard(Ally)x3 Charge of the Rohirrim(Event)x3 Galadriel's Handmaiden(Ally)x3 Mirror of Galadriel(Attachment)x3 Wandering Ent(Ally)x3 Cloak of Lórien(Attachment)x3 Nenya(Attachment)x3 The Ruins of Ost-in-Edhil(Quest)x1 The Enemy's Servant(Quest)x1 Bellach(Enemy)x1 The Orcs' Search(Objective)x1 The Secret Chamber(Location)x1 Celebrimbor's Mould(Objective)x1 Bellach's Scout(Enemy)x4 Prowling Orc(Enemy)x2 Ruined Plaza(Location)x3 Collapsed Tower(Location)x2 Ancient Foundation(Location)x4 City Remains(Location)x4 Discovered!(Treachery)x2 Desecrated Ruins(Treachery)x3 Spies from Mordor(Treachery)x2
Celebrimbor's Secret