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The Three Trials

Adventure Pack MEC27 24 July 2014
Card List
Idraen(Hero)x1 Rivendell Scout(Ally)x3 Feigned Voices(Event)x3 Rúmil(Ally)x3 Elven Mail(Attachment)x3 Greyflood Wanderer(Ally)x3 Warden of Arnor(Attachment)x3 Message from Elrond(Event)x3 Noiseless Movement(Event)x3 Leaf Brooch(Attachment)x3 The Trials Begin(Quest)x1 The Trial of Strength(Quest)x1 The Trial of Perseverance(Quest)x1 The Trial of Intuition(Quest)x1 The Antlered Crown(Quest)x1 Boar's Guardian(Enemy)x1 Wolf's Guardian(Enemy)x1 Raven's Guardian(Enemy)x1 Key of the Boar(Objective)x1 Key of the Wolf(Objective)x1 Key of the Raven(Objective)x1 Hill Barrow(Location)x1 Cave Barrow(Location)x1 Stone Barrow(Location)x1 Hallowed Circle(Location)x1 Spirit of the Wild(Enemy)x5 Cursed Forest(Location)x2 Grim Foothills(Location)x3 Curse of the Wild Men(Treachery)x2 The Guardian's Fury(Treachery)x2 Wild Tenacity(Treachery)x3
The Three Trials