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13 Results Found

Core Set (x3)
[3] 1 1 0 2 (1202)
Silvan.   Scout.  
Response: After Lórien Guide commits to a quest, place 1 progress token on the active location.

The Road Darkens (x1)
Item.   Gift.  
Setup: Attach to a hero in play. Action: Add Lórien Rope to the victory display, and remove it from the campaign pool to give each location in the staging area -2 Threat until the end of the phase.

Core Set (x2)
[1] (1865)
Attach to a hero. Action: Discard a card from your hand to give attached hero +1 Defense or +1 Willpower until the end of the phase. Limit 3 times per phase.

The Drowned Ruins (x3)
[3] 0 3 0 2 (849)
Silvan.   Warrior.  
Response: After Marksman of Lórien enters play, choose an enemy. That enemy gets -2 Defense until the end of the round.

Trouble in Tharbad (x1)
(9) 2 3 1 3 (251)
Silvan.   Ranger.   Scout.  
Combat Action: If you have not engaged an enemy this round, exhaust Haldir of Lórien to declare him as an attacker (and resolve his attack) against an enemy not engaged with you. Limit once per round.

A Journey To Rhosgobel (x3)
[4] 2 2 2 3 (681)
Ranged.   Sentinel.  

Celebrimbor's Secret (x3)
[1] (405)
Attach to a Noldor or Silvan character. Limit 1 per character. Attached character gets +1 Defense (+2 Defense instead if the active location has the Forest trait).

Two-Player Limited Edition Starter (x1)
[4] 2 2 2 3

Ranged.   Sentinel.  

Attack on Dol Guldur (x1)
While you control Power of Lórien, it gains: "Response: Add Power of Lórien to the victory display to cancel and discard an encounter card just revealed from the encounter deck."

Attack on Dol Guldur (x1)
3 3 3 6
Ranged.   Sentinel.  
Immune to player card effects. Does not exhaust to quest. If Host of Lórien leaves play, remove it from the game.

The Dead Marshes Nightmare (x3)
(30) 1 5 2 3
Spirit.   Undead.  
Forced: After Lost Soul of Lórien is destroyed, attach it to a hero with 1 or more Willpower, if able. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text: "Limit 1 per hero. Attached hero's Willpower is reduced to 0.")

Core Set (x2)
[3] (553)

Action: Choose a player. That player draws 3 cards.

Trouble in Tharbad (x3)
[1] (513)
Attach to a hero. Action: Exhaust O Lorien! to lower the cost of the next Silvan ally played this phase by 1 (to a minimum of 1).