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The Land of Shadow (x2/x1)
3 (9)
When Revealed: Make Blocked Tunnel the active location, returning any previous active location to the staging area. Action: Exhaust a character with a Weapon attachment to place 3 progress on Blocked Tunnel. (Any player may trigger this effect.)

The Land of Shadow (x2/x1)
When Revealed: Attach to a hero you control and exhaust that hero. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text: "Limit 1 per hero. Treat attached hero’s text box as blank, except for Traits. Attached hero cannot ready.")

Shadow: If attacking enemy is Shelob, resolve the 'When Revealed' effect on Shelob’s Poison.

The Land of Shadow (x3/x2)

Peril.   Surge.  
When Revealed: Either place 1 resources on Shelob, or she makes an immediate attack against you.

Shadow: If attacking enemy is Shelob, place 1 resource on her. Then, she gets +1 Attack for each resource on her.

The Land of Shadow (x3/x2)

When Revealed: Shelob gets +2 Attack until the end of the phase. Then, she makes an immediate attack against each player in turn order.

Shadow: If attacking enemy is Shelob, she makes an additional attack against you after this one.