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The Three Trials (x1)
(50) 2 5 3 12
Guardian.   Wolf.  
Cannot have non-Key attachments. Time 3. Forced: After the last time counter is removed from Wolf's Guardian, it makes an immediate attack against the engaged player. Place 3 time counters on Wolf's Guardian.

The Three Trials (x1)
Item.   Key.   Wolf.  
If unattached, the first player must claim Key of the Wolf and attach it to a hero he controls. If Key of the Wolf is discarded, add it to the staging area.

Shadow: Shuffle Key of the Wolf back into the encounter deck.

The Three Trials Nightmare (x3)
(30) 2 5 1 6
Undead.   Spirit.   Wolf.  
If Wolf's Guardian is in play or in the victory display, each Wolf enemy gets +1 Attack. Forced: At the beginning of the encounter phase, Wolf Spirit engages the player who controls Key of the Wolf or is engaged with Wolf's Guardian, if able.