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Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion

Campaign Expansion MEC108 16 September 2022
Card List
Iârion's Pendant(Attachment)1 Cunning(Attachment)1 Hardy(Attachment)1 Resolute(Attachment)1 Ruthless(Attachment)1 Stalwart(Attachment)1 Amarthiúl's Courage(Attachment)1 Determination(Event)4 Berelind(Ally)1 Chieftain's Brooch(Attachment)1 Coruhaer(Ally)1 Laermuin(Ally)1 Mail of Eärnur(Attachment)1 Silverthorn(Attachment)1 Daechanar's Brand(Attachment)1 Heirloom of Iârchon(Attachment)1 Orders from Angmar(Attachment)1 Elrond's Champion(Ally)1 Lore of Ancient Arnor(Event)1 Raiment of the Second Age(Attachment)1 Rivendell Skirmishers(Ally)1
Player Cards24
Protect the Innocent(Encounter Side Quest)1 Mysterious Omens(Encounter Side Quest)1 Thaurdir's Legacy(Objective)1 Thaurdir's Majesty(Objective)1 Thaurdir's Spite(Objective)1 Fend Off Despair(Encounter Side Quest)1 Loot the Dungeons(Encounter Side Quest)1 Losing Time(Treachery)4
Encounter Cards11
Intruders in Chetwood(Campaign)1 The Weather Hills(Campaign)1 Deadmen's Dike(Campaign)1 The Wastes of Eriador(Campaign)1 Escape from Mount Gram(Campaign)1 Across the Ettenmoors(Campaign)1 The Treachery of Rhudaur(Campaign)1 The Battle of Carn Dûm(Campaign)1 The Dread Realm(Campaign)1
Quest Cards9