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Mustering of the Rohirrim

A Long-extended Party ALEP06 13 June 2022
Card List
Rowan(Hero)1 Osbera(Hero)1 Woodmen's Outpost(Attachment)3 Lie of the Land(Attachment)3 Hunting Dogs(Ally)3 Beorning Pony(Ally)3 Birna(Ally)3 Descendants of Beorn(Event)3 Beorn's Welcome(Attachment)3 Subdued(Attachment)3 Without My Hat(Event)3
Player Cards29
Raven Clan Warchief(Enemy)1 The Far Bank(Location)1 Bitter Betrayal(Treachery)1 Coup(Treachery)1 Scattered to the Winds(Treachery)1 Orc-host Remnant(Enemy)1 Curuwyn The Whisperer(Enemy)1 Felberen Scion of Freca(Enemy)1 SmeĆ³hbrand Rogue of Orthanc(Enemy)1 ƍrensaga(Location)1 Assassin at Edoras(Encounter Side Quest)1 Road to Ruin(Encounter Side Quest)1 Folcwine(Objective)1 Winter in Westemnet(Encounter Side Quest)1 Devoted Determination(Objective)1 Massing at the Isen(Objective)1 Deeping-stream(Location)1 Aldburg Provocateur(Enemy)3 Pernicious Plotter(Enemy)3 Sniveling Courtier(Enemy)3 Spiteful Hunter(Enemy)2 Raven Clan Sharpshooter(Enemy)3 Orator's Hall(Location)1 Traitor's Redoubt(Location)1 Plains of Strife(Location)2 Cutthroat's Strike(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards37
Oaths of the Rohirrim(Quest)1 Seeking Support(Quest)1 Halls of Ealdwulf(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
Mustering of the Rohirrim
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