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The Grey Havens Nightmare

Nightmare Expansion MEN44 01 June 2017
Card List
Brash Corsair(Enemy)3 Sahír's Pursuer(Enemy)2 Open Waters(Location)2 Shattered Sea(Location)2 Rogue Wave(Treachery)3 Dreams of Númenor(Treachery)2 Raging Squall(Treachery)2 Shrine to Morgoth(Location)1 Cursed Temple(Location)1 Drowned Graves(Location)2 Flooded Ruins(Location)1 Lush Jungle(Location)2 Desecrated Grounds(Location)2 Forsaken City(Location)2 Guardian of the Golden King(Enemy)2 Overgrown Steps(Location)3 Corrupted Flora(Treachery)3 Calphon's Folly(Treachery)2 Corsair Pillager(Enemy)3 Corsair Pyromaniac(Enemy)3 Elite Marauder(Enemy)1 Nárelenya(Location)1 Dawn Star(Location)1 Silver Wing(Location)1 Burning Tower(Location)2 Sudden Assault(Treachery)3 Infiltration(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards54
Voyage Across Belegaer Nightmare(Setup)1 Corsair Confrontation(Quest)1 Lost at Sea(Quest)1 The Fate of Númenor Nightmare(Setup)1 Raid on the Grey Havens Nightmare(Setup)1 Sahír's Advance(Quest)1
Quest Cards6