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The Lost Realm

Deluxe Expansion MEC38 03 April 2015
Card List
Aragorn(Hero)1 Halbarad(Hero)1 Weather Hills Watchman(Ally)3 Dúnedain Hunter(Ally)3 Sarn Ford Sentry(Ally)3 Warden of Annúminas(Ally)3 Ranger Summons(Event)3 Tireless Hunters(Event)3 Expert Trackers(Event)3 Heir of Valandil(Attachment)3 Athelas(Attachment)3 Secret Vigil(Attachment)3 Star Brooch(Attachment)3 Gather Information(Player Side Quest)3 Ranger of the North(Ally)3
Player Cards41
Iârion(Objective-Ally)1 Orc War Party(Enemy)3 Chetwood Forest(Location)3 Borders of Bree-land(Location)2 Outlying Homestead(Location)3 Sudden Assault(Treachery)2 Surprising Speed(Treachery)3 Orc Rearguard(Encounter Side Quest)1 Rescue Iârion(Encounter Side Quest)1 Cornered Orc(Enemy)5 Amon Forn(Location)1 Weathered Hilltop(Location)3 Exposed Ridge(Location)3 Sheltered Valley(Location)2 Concealed Orc-camp(Location)3 Ice Storm(Treachery)2 Find Shelter(Encounter Side Quest)1 Thaurdir(Enemy)1 Thaurdir's Damned(Enemy)3 Baleful Shade(Enemy)4 Broken Battlements(Location)3 Norbury Tombs(Location)2 Fornost Square(Location)3 Haunted Keep(Location)3 Deadmen's Gate(Location)2 Unnatural Fog(Treachery)2 The Shadow World(Encounter Side Quest)1 Angmar Orc(Enemy)3 Angmar Marauder(Enemy)3 Angmar Captain(Enemy)2 Orc Ambush(Encounter Side Quest)1 Rugged Country(Location)3 Shrouded Hills(Location)2 Pressing Needs(Treachery)2 Weight of Responsibility(Treachery)2 Lost in the Wilderness(Encounter Side Quest)1 Biting Wind(Treachery)3 Freezing Blast(Treachery)2 Cold from Angmar(Treachery)3 Make Camp(Encounter Side Quest)1 Ruins of Arnor(Location)3 Ancient Causeway(Location)2 Tragic Discovery(Treachery)2 Search the Ruins(Encounter Side Quest)1 Dead Lord(Enemy)2 Cursed Dead(Enemy)5 Restless Evil(Treachery)2 Seal the Tomb(Encounter Side Quest)1 Terror of the North(Treachery)3 Dark Sorcery(Treachery)2 Heavy Curse(Treachery)3 The Power of Angmar(Encounter Side Quest)1 Hunting the Orcs(Objective)1
Encounter Cards119
Stop the War Party(Quest)1 Scattered Among the Hills(Quest)1 Cornered Animals(Quest)1 The Shades of Angmar(Quest)1 A Fell Wraith(Quest)1
Quest Cards5
Intruders in Chetwood The Weather Hills Deadmen's Dike
Rules Sheet