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The Voice of Isengard (x2)
(37) 0 4 2 3
When Revealed: Each player draws a card. Forced: After a player draws any number of cards, Dunland Tribesman gets +1 Threat until the end of the round.

Shadow: Attacking enemy gets +1 Attack.

The Voice of Isengard (x2/x0)
(35) 3 5 3 6
Forced: After Dunland Chieftain engages a player, discard X cards from the top of the encounter deck where X is the number of cards in the engages player's hand. Put the topmost Dunland enemy discarded this way into play engaged with that player.

The Voice of Isengard (x3)
(25) 2 2 1 4
Forced: After the engaged player draws any number of cards. Dunland Berserker makes an immediate attack.

Shadow: Attacking enemy makes an additional attack after this one.

The Voice of Isengard (x2/x1)

Surge. When Revealed: Attach to the current quest. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text: "Forced: After a player draws any number of cards, that player deals 1 damage to a character he controls.")