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Escape from Khazad-dûm

Custom Scenario Kit UMEC85 29 July 2020
Card List
Beregond(Hero)1 Gandalf(Hero)1 Sam Gamgee(Hero)1 Elrond(Hero)1 Arwen Und贸miel(Hero)1
Player Cards5
Dark Pit(Location)1 Black Bats(Enemy)3 Nest of Vermin(Location)1 Swarm of Bats(Treachery)1 Cave Spider(Enemy)2 The Mountain's Roots(Location)2 Watchful Eyes(Treachery)1 Cave-troll(Enemy)1 Twisting Passage(Location)2 Undisturbed Bones(Treachery)2 Old Stone-troll(Enemy)1 Frightful Den(Location)1 Deep Deep Dark(Treachery)3 Rock Adder(Enemy)2 Bottomless Chasm(Location)2 Lost and Alone(Treachery)1 Hobgoblin(Enemy)1 Western Hall(Location)1 New Devilry(Treachery)3 Unspeakable Thing(Enemy)2 Lightless Grotto(Location)2 Many Roads(Treachery)1 Shadow Dweller(Enemy)1 Branching Paths(Location)3 Fatigue(Treachery)1 Elder Nameless Thing(Enemy)1 Silent Caverns(Location)2 Dark Places(Treachery)2 Orc Horn Blower(Enemy)2 Goblin Dungeon(Location)1 Deep Fissure(Treachery)2 Black Uruks(Enemy)2 Dreadful Gap(Location)2 Orcish Howls(Treachery)1 Orc Raiders(Enemy)2 The Great Bridge(Location)1 Vast and Intricate(Treachery)2 Chieftain of the Pit(Enemy)1 Forked Passage(Location)2 Chance Encounter(Treachery)2 Nameless Thing(Enemy)2 Mithril Lode(Location)2 A Foe Beyond(Treachery)1
Encounter Cards71
Out of the Depths(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Nearing the Gate(Quest)1 Nearing the Gate(Quest)1 Nearing the Gate(Quest)1
Quest Cards7
Escape from Khazad-dûm