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The Flame of the West

Saga Expansion MEC54 01 August 2016
Card List
Aragorn(Hero)1 Éowyn(Hero)1 Beregond(Hero)1 Grimbold(Ally)3 Prince Imrahil(Ally)3 Halbarad(Ally)3 Ghân-buri-Ghân(Ally)3 Sterner than Steel(Event)3 Desperate Defense(Event)3 Golden Shield(Attachment)3 Livery of the Tower(Attachment)3 Roheryn(Attachment)3 Banner of Elendil(Attachment)3 Esquire of Rohan(Attachment)1 Esquire of Gondor(Attachment)1
Player Cards35
Overcome by Fear(Objective)4 The Stone of Erech(Location)1 Dark Door(Location)2 Trysting Place(Location)3 Deadly Road(Location)3 Haunted Path(Location)3 Dead Man of Dunharrow(Enemy)4 Faithless Dead(Enemy)3 Ghosts of Men(Enemy)2 Shadow Host(Enemy)2 Blood Runs Chill(Treachery)3 The Way is Shut(Treachery)2 Whispers in the Dark(Treachery)3 No Turning Back(Treachery)2 Great Corsair Ship(Location)1 Umbar War Galley(Location)3 Corsair Dromon(Location)3 Port of Pelargir(Location)3 Pelargir Quays(Location)2 Corsair Captain(Enemy)2 Corsair of Umbar(Enemy)3 Umbar Pirate Crew(Enemy)2 Haradrim Pirate(Enemy)3 Fell Folk of Umbar(Treachery)2 Black Sails(Treachery)3 Raiding the Coasts(Treachery)2 Driven to the Brink(Treachery)2 Minas Tirith(Objective)1 Grond(Location)1 Gate of Gondor(Location)1 City Wall(Location)3 Pelennor Field(Location)4 Fire-filled Trench(Location)3 Siege Tower(Location)3 The Black Serpent(Enemy)1 War Mûmak(Enemy)2 Southron Champion(Enemy)2 Morgul Captain(Enemy)2 Orc of the Eye(Enemy)3 Mordor Orc(Enemy)5 The Rammas is Breached(Treachery)2 Fell Beast(Treachery)2 Black Dart(Treachery)2 Spells of Ruin(Treachery)2 Dread and Despair(Treachery)2 Shadow of Mordor(Treachery)2 Wraith on Wings(Enemy)4 Army of the Dead(Enemy)1 The Corsair Fleet(Objective)1 The Witch-king(Enemy)1
Encounter Cards118
The Forbidden Door(Quest)1 The Paths of the Dead(Quest)1 The Dead are Following(Quest)1 The Passing of the Grey Company(Campaign)1 Attack on Pelargir(Quest)1 The Siege of Gondor(Campaign)1 The Garrison of Gondor(Quest)1 Retreat from Osgiliath(Quest)1 The White City Besieged(Quest)1 Rohan has Come!(Quest)1 Fighting in the Fields(Quest)1 The Battle of the Pelennor Fields(Campaign)1
Quest Cards12
The Passing of the Grey Company The Siege of Gondor The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
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