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The Ghost of Framsburg

Adventure Pack MEC69 06 December 2018
Card List
Dáin Ironfoot(Hero)1 Soldier of Erebor(Ally)3 Man the Walls(Event)3 Mirkwood Hunter(Ally)3 Familiar Lands(Event)3 Warrior Sword(Attachment)3 Swift and Strong(Event)3 Descendant of Girion(Ally)3 Valiant Determination(Attachment)3 Ring of Thrór(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Crypt Key(Objective)1 Old Lantern(Objective)1 Scatha's Teeth(Objective)1 The Cursed Tomb(Location)1 Fram's Shade(Enemy)1 Crypt Stalker(Enemy)2 Evil Spectre(Enemy)3 Forgotten Crypt(Location)2 Haunted Hall(Location)2 Hidden Staircase(Location)2 Moonlit Passage(Location)3 Cursed Tower(Location)3 Abandoned Ruins(Treachery)2 Terrible Shadows(Treachery)2 Slammed Shut(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards29
The Haunted Keep(Quest)1 Searching the Ruins(Quest)1 The Cursed Shade(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Ghost of Framsburg
Rules Sheet