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Core Set

Core Set MEC01 20 April 2011
Card List
Aragorn(Hero)1 Théodred(Hero)1 Glóin(Hero)1 Gimli(Hero)1 Legolas(Hero)1 Thalin(Hero)1 Éowyn(Hero)1 Eleanor(Hero)1 Dúnhere(Hero)1 Denethor(Hero)1 Glorfindel(Hero)1 Beravor(Hero)1 Guard of the Citadel(Ally)3 Faramir(Ally)2 Son of Arnor(Ally)2 Snowbourn Scout(Ally)3 Silverlode Archer(Ally)2 Longbeard Orc Slayer(Ally)2 Brok Ironfist(Ally)1 Ever Vigilant(Event)2 Common Cause(Event)2 For Gondor!(Event)2 Sneak Attack(Event)2 Valiant Sacrifice(Event)2 Grim Resolve(Event)1 Steward of Gondor(Attachment)2 Celebrían's Stone(Attachment)1 Veteran Axehand(Ally)3 Gondorian Spearman(Ally)3 Horseback Archer(Ally)2 Beorn(Ally)1 Blade Mastery(Event)3 Rain of Arrows(Event)2 Feint(Event)2 Quick Strike(Event)2 Thicket of Spears(Event)2 Swift Strike(Event)1 Stand Together(Event)1 Blade of Gondolin(Attachment)2 Citadel Plate(Attachment)2 Dwarven Axe(Attachment)2 Horn of Gondor(Attachment)1 Wandering Took(Ally)2 Lórien Guide(Ally)3 Northern Tracker(Ally)2 The Galadhrim's Greeting(Event)2 Strength of Will(Event)2 Hasty Stroke(Event)2 Will of the West(Event)2 A Test of Will(Event)2 Stand and Fight(Event)3 A Light in the Dark(Event)2 Dwarven Tomb(Event)1 Fortune or Fate(Event)1 The Favor of the Lady(Attachment)2 Power in the Earth(Attachment)2 Unexpected Courage(Attachment)1 Daughter of the Nimrodel(Ally)3 Erebor Hammersmith(Ally)2 Henamarth Riversong(Ally)1 Miner of the Iron Hills(Ally)2 Gléowine(Ally)2 Lore of Imladris(Event)3 Lórien's Wealth(Event)2 Radagast's Cunning(Event)2 Secret Paths(Event)2 Gandalf's Search(Event)2 Beorn's Hospitality(Event)1 Forest Snare(Attachment)2 Protector of Lórien(Attachment)2 Dark Knowledge(Attachment)1 Self Preservation(Attachment)2 Gandalf(Ally)4
Player Cards132
King Spider(Enemy)2 Hummerhorns(Enemy)1 Ungoliant's Spawn(Enemy)1 Great Forest Web(Location)2 Mountains of Mirkwood(Location)3 Eyes of the Forest(Treachery)1 Caught in a Web(Treachery)2 Wolf Rider(Enemy)1 Hill Troll(Enemy)2 Goblin Sniper(Enemy)2 Marsh Adder(Enemy)1 Wargs(Enemy)2 Despair(Treachery)2 The Brown Lands(Location)2 The East Bight(Location)2 Dol Guldur Orcs(Enemy)3 Chieftan Ufthak(Enemy)1 Dol Guldur Beastmaster(Enemy)2 Driven by Shadow(Treachery)1 The Necromancer's Reach(Treachery)3 Necromancer's Pass(Location)2 Enchanted Stream(Location)2 Forest Spider(Enemy)4 East Bight Patrol(Enemy)1 Black Forest Bats(Enemy)1 Old Forest Road(Location)2 Forest Gate(Location)2 Dungeon Jailor(Enemy)2 Nazgûl of Dol Guldur(Enemy)1 Cavern Guardian(Enemy)2 Under the Shadow(Treachery)2 Iron Shackles(Treachery)1 Endless Caverns(Location)2 Tower Gate(Location)2 Gandalf's Map(Objective)1 Dungeon Torch(Objective)1 Shadow Key(Objective)1 Misty Mountain Goblins(Enemy)3 Massing at Night(Treachery)1 Banks of the Anduin(Location)2 Gladden Fields(Location)3 Eastern Crows(Enemy)3 Evil Storm(Treachery)3 Pursued by Shadow(Treachery)2 Treacherous Fog(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards84
Flies and Spiders(Quest)1 A Fork in the Road(Quest)1 A Chosen Path(Quest)1 A Chosen Path(Quest)1 The Necromancer's Tower(Quest)1 Through the Caverns(Quest)1 Out of the Dungeons(Quest)1 To the River...(Quest)1 Anduin Passage(Quest)1 Ambush on the Shore(Quest)1
Quest Cards10
Passage Through Mirkwood Journey Along the Anduin Escape from Dol Guldur