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Card Set Scenario Encounter
Card Type Subtype Deck Type
Sphere Unique
Set Type Project

Resource Threat Engagement
Hit Points
Quest Points
Trait Keyword Victory
Player Encounter Quest
Region Archetype Age
Artist Popularity Errata
Results: 7 Cards

The Lost Realm (x1)

You've lost your way in the vastness of Arnor. You must search around until you find your trail again.

When Revealed: Each player places all cards in his hand facedown underneath Lost in the Wilderness.

Forced: When Lost in the Wilderness is defeated, return each card underneath it to its owner's hand.

The Lost Realm (x1)


Characters cannot be healed.

Response: After Make Camp is defeated, each player heals up to 3 damage from a hero he controls.

Your companions are exhausted from tireless effort, but you must find a safe place to make camp before you can tend to their needs.

Across the Ettenmoors (x1)

Forced: At the end of the quest phase, if no progress was placed on Lie Low this round, each enemy gets -20 engagement cost until the end of the round.

Response: After this stage is defeated, choose an enemy in the staging area and shuffle it into the encounter deck.

Trolls and Giants have been pursuing you since your arrival in these moors. Your company must cover their tracks so the vile creatures do not follow.

Across the Ettenmoors (x1)

Forced: After 1 or more resources are spent from a hero's resource pool, deal 1 damage to that hero.

Response: After this stage is defeated, heal 1 damage from each hero.

What little rations you managed to recover after your imprisonment have run dry. If the Trolls or the cold doesn't kill you, starvation surely will. There must be some food to find in these barren hills.

Across the Ettenmoors (x1)

The cost to play each player card is increased by 1.

Forced: When this stage is defeated, search the encounter deck and discard pile for a Troll enemy and put it into play engaged with the player with the highest threat. Each player may play a card from his hand, at no cost.

You risk drawing the attention of nearby Trolls by venturing into their lair. Perhaps inside you can find supplies to help you get back to Rivendell...

Across the Ettenmoors Nightmare (x1)

Caught in a dense fog, you suddenly find yourself separated from your companions.


Players cannot draw cards by card effects.

Forced: When this stage is defeated, each player draws 1 card.

Across the Ettenmoors Nightmare (x1)

When Revealed: Each player places the lowest-threat-cost hero he controls facedown underneath Rescue from the Trolls, out of play.

Response: After a Troll enemy is destroyed, place 3 progress on Rescue from the Trolls.

Forced: When Rescue from the Trolls is defeated, each player takes control of each of his heroes underneath it.