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The Steward's Fear (x3)
[1] [4706]
Armor.   Item.  
Attach to a hero. Restricted. Limit 1 per hero. Attached hero gains +1 Defense. (+2 Defense instead if attached hero has the Gondor trait.)

The Wastes of Eriador (x3)
[2] 0 0 1 3 ★★★★ [2.7] [2570]
Gondor.   Warrior.  
Response: Exhaust Honour Guard to cancel 1 point of damage just dealt to a character. Valour Response: Exhaust and discard Honour Guard to cancel up to 5 damage just dealt to a character.

The Grey Havens (x3)
[2] 1 1 0 2 ★★★★ [2.6] [1068]
Noldor.   Scout.  
While the top card of your discard pile is an event, Sailor of Lune gets +1 Willpower and gains: "Cannot be damaged while committed to the quest."

The City of Corsairs (x3)
[4] 2 2 3 3 ★★★★ [5.7] [722]
Gondor.   Warrior.  
Knight of the White Tower's resource cost must be paid from a single hero’s resource pool.

The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat (x1)
(7) 2 2 0 2 ★★ [4.1] [260]
Folco Boffin gets -1 threat cost for each Hobbit hero you control. Action: Discard Folco Boffin to reduce your threat by 7. (Limit once per game for the group.)

The Sands of Harad (x1)
(11) 2 2 2 5 ★★ [6.7] [229]
Dwarf.   Noble.   Warrior.  
Sentinel. Response: After Gimli is declared as a defender, spend 1 resource from his pool to ready another hero. If that hero is Legolas, he gets +1 Attack until the end of the phase. (Limit once per phase.)

The Land of Shadow (x3)
[4] 1 3 1 3 ★★★★ [5.2] [551]
Gondor.   Ranger.  
Response: After an enemy is added to the staging area, exhaust Anborn to give that enemy +5 engagement cost until the end of the round. Then, deal 1 damage to that enemy.

The Black Riders (x3)
[2] 1 0 1 3 ★★★★ [3.2] [532]
If each hero you control has the Hobbit trait, damage from undefended attacks against you may be assigned to Barliman Butterbur.

The Grey Havens (x3)
[2] 1 1 0 2 ★★★★ [2.6] [456]
Noldor.   Warrior.  
While the top card of your discard pile is an ally, Mithlond Sea-watcher gets +2 Attack and gains ranged.

The Voice of Isengard (x3)
[2] [365]
Attach to a Spirit hero. While attached hero is ready, shadow cards dealt to enemies engaged with you are dealt face up. (Shadow card effects are still resolved when resolving enemy attacks.)

Escape from Mount Gram (x2/x1)

Doomed 3. When Revealed: Until the end of the round, each enemy gets -10 engagement cost and +1 Attack. If there are no enemies in play, search the encounter deck and discard pile for an enemy and add it to the staging area.

The Road Darkens (x1)
Item.   Gift.  
Setup: Attach to a hero in play. Action: Add Leaf-wrapped Lembas to the victory display, and remove it from the campaign pool, to ready all heroes in play.

The Flame of the West (x3)
(34) 2 3 2 4
Forced: When Haradrim Pirate engages you, deal 1 damage to a character you control (2 damage instead if the active location is a Ship).

Shadow: Defending character gets -1 Defense for each damage on it.

The Wizard's Quest (x1)

When Revealed: Each player deals X damage to a character he controls, where X is 1 more than the stage number of the main quest.

Shadow: Attacking enemy gets +1 Attack (+2 Attack instead if the defending character has an attachment).

The Dead Marshes Nightmare (x2)
When Revealed: The first player makes an escape test counting Defense intead of Willpower, dealing 2 cards from the encounter deck. If this test is failed, place 1 resource token on Gollum and deal 1 damage to each character in play. Escape: 3