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Heirs of Númenor (x3)
(28) 3 1 0 2
Forced: When Pickpocket attacks, the defending player discards 1 resource from one of his heroes' resource pools and 1 card at random from his hand.

Shadow: Defending player discards 1 of his attachments. (Discard all of his attachments instead if undefended.)

Heirs of Númenor (x3)
2 (2)
Surge. While City Street is in the staging area, players cannot travel to a location that does not have the title City Street.

Shadow: attacking enemy gets +2 Attack.

Heirs of Númenor (x2)
3 (1)
Immune to player card effects. Travel: Each player must spend 1 resource from one of his heroes' resource pools to travel here.

Shadow: Defending player discards all resources in his heroes' resource pools.

Heirs of Númenor (x1/x0)

When Revealed: Each player must search the encounter deck and discard pile for 1 City location and add it to the staging area, if able. Shuffle the encounter deck. This effect cannot be canceled.

Shadow: Defending player discards his hand.

Heirs of Númenor (x2/x1)

When Revealed: Attach this card to the hero with the highest threat cost without a copy of Local Trouble attached. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text: 'When attached hero exhausts, readies, or triggers an ability, raise its controller's threat by 1.')