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Fire on the Eastemnet

A Long-extended Party ALEP03 09 September 2021
Card List
Alagos(Hero)1 Faunith(Hero)1 Messenger of Manwë(Ally)3 Veteran Eagle(Ally)3 Chieftain of the Skies(Ally)3 Box of Earth(Attachment)3 Roving Herbmaster(Ally)3 Grip(Ally)1 Fang(Ally)1 Wolf(Ally)1 Hidden Roosts(Event)3 Breath of Arda(Event)3 Golden Crown(Attachment)3 Guided by Fate(Attachment)3
Player Cards32
Wild Steeds(Objective)1 Captured Steeds(Objective)1 Morgahk(Enemy)1 Shores of Anduin(Location)1 White Mountain Beastmaster(Enemy)2 Orc Lookout(Enemy)2 Orcish Wrangler(Enemy)3 Open Meadows(Location)3 Entwash Crossings(Location)2 Eastemnet Pasture(Location)3 Pillaged Stables(Location)3 Hidden Orc Camp(Location)2 Panicked Horses(Treachery)2 Cracking Horse Whip(Treachery)2 Exhausted Pursuit(Treachery)2 Expanded Search(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards31
Poachers in the Night(Quest)1 Relentless Forces(Quest)1 To the River!(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
Fire on the Eastemnet
Rules Sheet