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The City of Corsairs

Adventure Pack MEC53 01 October 2016
Card List
Prince Imrahil(Hero)1 Knight of the White Tower(Ally)3 Hold the Line(Event)3 Soldier of Dol Amroth(Ally)3 SĂșlien(Ally)3 Inspiring Presence(Event)3 Guardian of Ithilien(Ally)3 Ranger Spear(Attachment)3 Prince of Dol Amroth(Attachment)3
Player Cards25
Stormcaller(Enemy)1 Slave Ship(Ship-Enemy)2 Umbar Slaver(Enemy)3 Southern Belfalas(Location)2 Corsair Waters(Location)2 Watch Tower(Location)2 Serpent's Tail(Treachery)2 Captain SahĂ­r(Enemy)1 The Shattered Monument(Location)1 Streets of Umbar(Location)3 City of Corsairs(Location)2 Umbar Harbor(Location)3 Foes of Ecthelion(Treachery)2 Umbar Patrol(Treachery)2 Fury and Malice(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards31
The Coast of Umbar(Quest)1 Fate of the Dream-chaser(Quest)1 The Haven of Umbar(Quest)1 Final Confrontation(Quest)1
Quest Cards4
The City of Corsairs
Rules Sheet