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Under the Ash Mountains

Adventure Pack MEC81 05 June 2020
Card List
Gildor Inglorion(Hero)1 Wandering Exile(Ally)3 Valiant Sword(Attachment)3 Stone of Elostirion(Attachment)3 Well Preserved(Attachment)3 Northern Bowmaster(Ally)3 Reckless Attack(Event)3 Odo Proudfoot(Ally)3 Defiant Challenge(Event)3 Helm of Secrecy(Event)3 Council of the Wise(Contract)1
Player Cards29
The Tunnels of Torech Gorgor(Encounter Side Quest)1 A Haunt for Beasts(Encounter Side Quest)1 Overwhelming Darkness(Encounter Side Quest)1 Nameless Beast(Enemy)2 Mordor Cave Troll(Enemy)2 Ash Mountain Werewolf(Enemy)3 Spawn of Shelob(Enemy)3 Torech Gorgor Patrol(Enemy)2 Fiery Chasm(Location)3 Hideous Deeps(Location)2 Orc Passage(Location)2 Ransacked Supplies(Treachery)3 Burning Reek(Treachery)2 Writhing Shadows(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards29
Passage into Mordor(Quest)1 An Evil Place(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
Under the Ash Mountains
Rules Sheet