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The Siege of Annúminas

Fellowship Deck OP016 01 March 2017
Card List
Faramir(Hero)1 Boromir(Hero)1
Player Cards2
Annúminas(Objective)1 Lieutenant of Angmar(Enemy)1 Battering Ram(Location)1 Enemy Camp(Location)1 Siege Tunnel(Location)1 Host of Angmar(Enemy)3 Dúnedain of Annúminas(Objective-Ally)3 Gate of Annúminas(Location)2 City Wall(Location)3 Arnor Battlefield(Location)3 Hills of Evendim(Location)2 Shores of Lake Nenuial(Location)2 Warg of Carn Dûm(Enemy)3 Orc of Angmar(Enemy)3 Angmar Warg-rider(Enemy)3 Savage Werewolf(Enemy)2 Vanguard of Carn Dûm(Enemy)2 The Hordes of Angmar(Treachery)2 Sorcery of Carn Dûm(Treachery)2 Caught in the Press(Treachery)3 Weary Warriors(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards46
Standard Game Mode(Setup)1 Epic Multiplayer Mode(Setup)1 Rebuild the Defenses(Quest)1 Defend the City(Quest)1 Lead the Sortie(Quest)1 Raise the Levee(Quest)1 Guard the Gate(Quest)1 Rescue the Captives(Quest)1 Delay the Enemy(Quest)1 Man the Walls(Quest)1 Stop the Attack(Quest)1
Quest Cards11
The Siege of Annúminas