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The Road Darkens (x1)
(14) 3 3 3 5 (355)
Play with the top card of your deck faceup. Once per phase, you may play the top card of your deck as if it was in your hand. When playing a card this way, Gandalf is considered to have the printed Leadership, Lore, Tactics, and Spirit icons.

Foundations of Stone (x3)
[2] 0 0 1 1 (1280)
Action: Exhaust Imladris Stargazer to choose a player. That player looks at the top 5 cards of his deck and then returns them to the top of his deck in any order.

The Hills of Emyn Muil (x3)
[5] 3 2 3 3 (942)
Action: Exhaust Gildor Inglorion to look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Switch one of those cards with a card from your hand. Then, return the 3 cards to the top of your deck, in any order.

The Road Darkens (x3)
[1] (801)
Item.   Pipe.  
Attach to an Istari character. Limit 1 per character. Action: Exhaust Wizard Pipe to exchange a card in your hand with the top card of your deck.

The Hills of Emyn Muil (x3)
[2] 1 0 0 2 (154)
Response: After Keen-eyed Took enters play, reveal the top card of each player's deck. Action: Return Keen-eyed Took to your hand to discard the top card of each player's deck.

Core Set (x2)
[X] (138)

Action: Look at the top X cards of any player's deck, add 1 of those cards to its owner's hand, and return the rest to the top of the deck in any order.

The Fate of Wilderland (x3)
[1] 1 0 0 1
Cannot attack, defend, of have attachments. Refresh Action: Return Messenger Raven to it's owner's hand and name a card type. Choose a player to look at the top card of his deck. If that card is the named type, add it to its owner's hand. If it is not, discard it.