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The Stone of Erech (x2)
2 (7)
Blackroot Vale.   Riverland.  
While Banks of Morthond is the active location, each location in the staging area gets -1 Threat.

Shadow: If this attack destroys a character, add 1 progress to the current Night objective.

The Stone of Erech (x3)
4 (1)
Blackroot Vale.  
Forced: When Blackroot Graves is explored, return the topmost Undead enemy in the encounter discard pile to play, engaged with the first player.

Shadow: If defending character has 0 Willpower, deal 2 damage to that character.

The Stone of Erech (x2)
2 (3)
Blackroot Vale.  
While this location is in the staging area, all ready heroes lose all Lore, Leadership, Spirit and Tactics icons. Planning Action: Exhuast a hero. Any player may trigger this action.

The Stone of Erech (x2)
1 (4)
Blackroot Vale.   Mountain.  
Dusk. Shadow of Dwimorberg gets +2 Threat. Midnight. Shadow of Dwimorberg gets +4 Threat.

The Stone of Erech (x1)
3 (6)
Blackroot Vale.   Road.  
While Tarlang's Next is the active location, it gains, "Forced: At the beginning of the encounter phase, the players must either immediately end the encounter phase, or the first player must engaged all enemies in the staging area."

The Stone of Erech (x1)
X (6)
Blackroot Vale.  
Immune to player card effects. X is twice the number of players in the game. While The Stone of Erech is that active location, characters with less than 2 Willpower cannot ready. Travel: Exhaust each character with less than 2 Willpower.

The Stone of Erech (x2)
1 (3)
Blackroot Vale.  
When Revealed: Make Vale of Shadows the active location. If another location is currently active, return it to the staging area. Dusk. Vale of Shadows gets +2 quest points. Midnight. Vale of Shadows gets +4 quest points.