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The Hunt for the Dreadnaught

Scenario Pack MEC86 01 December 2020
Card List
A Perilous Voyage(Contract)1
Player Cards1
Eithiliant(Ship-Objective)1 Golden Wing(Ship-Objective)1 Pride of Lebennin(Ship-Objective)1 Silent Mist(Ship-Objective)1 Swan Ship of Dol Amroth(Ship-Objective)1 Twilight's Call(Ship-Objective)1 Gondorian Warship(Ship-Objective)4 Dreadnaught(Ship-Enemy)1 Captain of the Haven(Enemy)1 Commander of the Dreadnaught(Enemy)1 Descendant of Castamir(Enemy)1 Hydraken(Enemy)1 Ophidian(Enemy)1 Varjax(Enemy)1 Brash Corsair(Enemy)1 Corsair Plunderer(Enemy)3 Daring Buccaneer(Enemy)3 Fierce Marauder(Enemy)3 Southron Sailor(Enemy)2 Umbar Captain(Enemy)1 Black Sails(Ship-Enemy)2 Corsair Skiff(Ship-Enemy)2 Corsair Skirmisher(Ship-Enemy)1 Corsair Warship(Ship-Enemy)1 Ramming Ship(Ship-Enemy)1 Slave Ship(Ship-Enemy)1 War Galley(Ship-Enemy)3 Sea Monster(Ship-Enemy)2 Belfalas Shipyard(Location)2 Cobas Haven(Location)1 Isle of Fortune(Location)3 Mouths of Anduin(Location)3 Tolfalas Landing(Location)3 Wicked Cove(Location)3 Ballista Barrage(Treachery)3 Boarding Party(Treachery)1 Grappled!(Treachery)1 Out of the Mist(Treachery)3 Overworked(Treachery)2 Taking on Water(Treachery)2 Violent Tempest(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards73
Easy Mode(Setup)1 Standard Mode(Setup)1 Hard Mode(Setup)1 Searching the High Seas(Quest)1 Destroy the Dreadnaught(Quest)1
Quest Cards5
The Hunt for the Dreadnaught