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The Glittering Caves

A Long-extended Party ALEP05 23 February 2022
Card List
Gaeronel(Hero)1 Glorfindel(Hero)1 Harlond Lookout(Ally)3 Balin(Ally)3 Salvaged Supplies(Event)3 Lay of the Nauglamír(Event)3 Wandering Spirit(Ally)3 Relic of Nargothrond(Attachment)3 Onward Into Battle(Attachment)3 Legacy of Gondolin(Attachment)3
Player Cards26
Helm's Horn(Objective)1 Helm Hammerhand(Enemy)1 Lurking Ghûl(Enemy)2 Small Stream(Location)3 Wonders of Aglarond(Location)2 Alluring Paths(Location)2 Guard the Entrance!(Treachery)2 Forgotten Shade(Enemy)1 Forgotten Shade(Enemy)1 Forgotten Shade(Enemy)1 Radiant Caverns(Location)1 Radiant Caverns(Location)1 Radiant Caverns(Location)1 Killing With Fear(Treachery)1 Killing With Fear(Treachery)1 Killing With Fear(Treachery)1 Echoes in the Deep(Treachery)1 Echoes in the Deep(Treachery)1 Twisting Paths(Treachery)1 Fork(Cave)1 Dead End(Cave)1 Tunnel(Cave)1 Jewelled Cavern(Cave)1 Vast Cave(Cave)1 Crossroads(Cave)1 Dark Pit(Cave)1 Locked Door(Cave)1 Secret Passage(Cave)1 Guarded Hall(Cave)1 Stairwell(Cave)1 Cave Opening(Cave)1
Encounter Cards37
Search the Caves(Quest)1 The Horn's Discovery(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Glittering Caves
Rules Sheet