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The Grey Havens

Deluxe Expansion MEC47 01 February 2016
Card List
Círdan the Shipwright(Hero)1 Galdor of the Havens(Hero)1 Mithlond Sea-watcher(Ally)3 Skyward Volley(Event)3 Grappling Hook(Attachment)3 Warden of the Havens(Ally)3 Anchor Watch(Event)3 Mariner's Compass(Attachment)3 Lindon Navigator(Ally)3 The Evening Star(Event)3 Explorer's Almanac(Attachment)3 Sailor of Lune(Ally)3 Elwing's Flight(Event)3 To the Sea, to the Sea!(Attachment)3 Narya(Attachment)3
Player Cards41
Scouting Ship(Ship-Enemy)3 Starlit Sea(Location)2 Fog Bank(Location)2 Shrine to Morgoth(Location)1 Calphon(Objective-Ally)1 Servant of the Deceiver(Enemy)3 Lush Jungle(Location)2 Forbidden Coast(Location)2 Steep Plateau(Location)3 Mysterious Fog(Treachery)2 Lingering Malevolence(Treachery)2 Ruins of Ages Past(Treachery)2 The Havens Burn(Objective)1 Dream-chaser(Location)1 Corsair Arsonist(Enemy)3 Sahír's Ravager(Enemy)3 Mithlond Harbor(Location)2 Burning Piers(Location)2 Pillaged Ship(Location)2 White Ship(Location)2 Elven Wave-runner(Location)2 Elven Caravel(Location)2 Put to the Torch(Treachery)2 The Fires Spread(Treachery)2 Calm Waters(Location)2 Rolling Seas(Location)3 Thrown Off Course(Treachery)2 Rough Waters(Location)2 Waterspout(Location)2 Sudden Storms(Treachery)3 Winds of Wrath(Treachery)2 Light Cruiser(Ship-Enemy)2 Corsair Warship(Ship-Enemy)2 Boarding Party(Treachery)2 Southron Sailor(Enemy)2 Cunning Pirate(Enemy)3 Vicious Marauder(Enemy)2 Umbar Captain(Enemy)2 Umbar Raider(Enemy)3 Corsair Infiltrator(Enemy)2 Raid Leader(Enemy)2 Battle-Hardened(Treachery)2 Drowned Dead(Enemy)3 Soulless Cadaver(Enemy)2 Throngs of Unfaithful(Enemy)2 Curse of the Downfallen(Treachery)2 Flooded Ruins(Location)2 Drowned Graves(Location)2 Cursed Temple(Location)2 Aimless Wandering(Treachery)3 Captain Sahír(Enemy)1 Na'asiyah(Enemy)1 Dream-chaser(Ship-Objective)1 Dawn Star(Ship-Objective)1 Nárelenya(Ship-Objective)1 Silver Wing(Ship-Objective)1 Navigation(Objective)1
Encounter Cards114
Departure from the Havens(Quest)1 Into the Storm(Quest)1 Cursed Mists(Quest)1 Calphon's Divination(Quest)1 The Star's Guidance(Quest)1 Corsair Pursuit(Quest)1 Explore the Island(Quest)1 A Fateful Discovery(Quest)1 The Corsairs' Assault(Quest)1 Sahír's Advance(Quest)1
Quest Cards10
Voyage Across Belegaer The Fate of Númenor Raid on the Grey Havens
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